Active Enrolling Trials

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Retinal Vein Occlusion

Criteria: Comparison of Avastin vs. Lucentis in the treatment of macular edema following retinal vein occlusion.
Primary Investigators: John S. Pollack, MDJoseph M. Civantos, MD
Primary Contact: Barb Ciscato
Location: Joliet
Billing information: All study visits, testing, procedures and drug will be billed to patient’s insurance.

Non-Central Involved DME

Clinical Criteria: To assess the effects of NSAIDs on macular retinal volume compared with placebo in eyes with non-central DME.
Primary Investigators: John S. Pollack, MD
Primary Contact: Barb Ciscato
Location: Joliet
Billing information: OCTs and Fas required at study visits are to be billed as NC to the patients. The following visits/procedures are considered part of standard care and should be billed to the patient’s insurance: eye exam, OCT at non-protocol DME treatment visits, non-protocol treatment for DME or diabetic retinopathy, any additional visits not specified per protocol.


Clinical Criteria: Double masked study assessing the safety and efficacy of intravitreal injection of DE-109 (sirolimus) 3 doses for the treatment of active non-infectious uveitis of the posterior segment.
Primary Investigators: Pauline T. Merrill, MD
Primary Contact: Michelle Woo
Location: Oak Park
Billing information: Nothing is charged to patient at all. Study pays for everything.

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