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If you have a lot of blood in the center of the eye (vitreous gel), you may need a procedure called a vitrectomy to restore your sight. If you require vitrectomies in both eyes, they are usually done several weeks apart.

A vitrectomy is performed under local or general anesthesia. During the procedure, a retina specialist makes a tiny incision in the eye, through which a small instrument is used to remove the vitreous gel clouded with blood. The vitreous gel is then replaced with a salt solution. Because vitreous gel is composed mostly of water, you will notice no change between the salt solution and the original vitreous gel.

Vitrectomy is usually performed on an outpatient basis. Afterward, your eye will be red and sensitive, and you will need to wear an eye patch for a few days or weeks to protect it. You also will need to use medicated eye-drops to prevent infection.

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