Dear Dr. Cohen, I just wanted to thank you for ALL you have done and continue to do for me regarding my eye issues.  As I’ve indicated many times previously, your patience, guidance, thoroughness and professionalism, and of course your expertise, has meant more to me than I can truly convey, as I’ve traveled this long, and at times very challenging journey regarding my eye issues.  If it hadn’t been for you…I am certain I would not have made the progress I have been able to make.  There was a time I did not think I’d ever again be at this point with my vision (far from perfect and far from what it was or what I expected before any of my surgeries, but SO much better and so very tolerable and acceptable now!)-which was a very demoralizing concept-so thank YOU for everything!  Everyone should be so fortunate to have such a skilled and caring doctor (and healthcare team) as I have, especially when faced with a “crisis”, as I experienced.  These comments don’t do justice to what you’ve done for me, but I hope the sentiment is meaningful.  I look forward to seeing you in April.  Stay well!