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To understand conditions of the eye, it is helpful to understand the anatomy of the eye.

Illinois Retina Associates is the Midwest’s leading practice devoted to diagnosing and treating diseases of the retina, macula and vitreous. Our practice does not provide primary eye care services such as prescribing eyeglasses, evaluating or treating problems involving the front of the eye, or performing cataract and LASIK surgery. Our physicians typically see patients who have been referred by a comprehensive ophthalmologist, optometrist, general practitioner, or endocrinologist who has determined they have a potentially serious disease involving the retina and/or vitreous gel in the back of the eye.

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Retina Angiography

Retina Detached Scleral Buckle

Retina Detached Vitrectomy

Retina Diabetic Injection Laser Edema

Retina Diabetic PDR Laser

Retina Diabetic PDR Vitrectomy

Retina Dilating Eye Drops

Retina Dry AMD

Retina Macular Hole Surgery

Retina Macular Pucker Vitrectomy

Retina Torn Photocoagulation

Retina Wet AMD Medication Injection