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For such a valuable part of the body, your retina doesn’t take up very much space at all. This layer of photosensitive tissue is only 0.5 mm thick - the same as a grain of salt. This extraordinary tiny tissue enables one of our most essential senses – our sense of sight. Light enters our eyes, passing through the lens and vitreous humor, before reaching the retina which lines the inside of the back wall of the eye. The retina contains rods and cones which are the photosensitive cells that convert light into visual signals. These signals are then transported via the optic nerve to your brain, where the visual processing center organizes the information into images. The end result is your ability to see.

Multiple diseases and injuries target the retina and its related components, potentially placing your vision at risk. Since 1976, Illinois Retina Associates has provided advanced care to patients throughout Chicago and its surrounding suburbs. Below are some of the conditions we treat.