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Absolutely every appointment with Dr. Cohen has been a well coordinated, timely experience. Dr Cohen is attentive to every patients issues. I marvel at how efficient and thorough he is with patients. When we leave, we know we had best service and care possible.

Dr. MacCumber, I really appreciate all of your kindness and care throughout my crazy journey!  While it’s time for me to leave Chicago, I will  never forget the great care I had while living here.  Thank you, thank you!

Dr. Ryan Sabherwal treated me today for his first time with me. Since my MD diagnosis in 2016, I have been treated by seven specialists. I am not gender bias, but three of the seven were male, who all treated me in an unacceptable manner. Their treatment methods caused me much discomfort and even misdiagnosis. When I knew that Dr. Merrill recommended her replacement, I accepted with apprehension. Today Dr. Sabherwal treated me in a pleasing, safe, acceptable manner! I have no discomfort at all, my eye cleared up within a relatively short time, (two hours) all is well and I have no issues with his injection procedure!  I will gladly continue to see Dr. Sabherwal in the future. He is a very good practitioner. Thank You, Dr. Sabherwal.

Thank you so much Dr. MacCumber! I appreciate ALL, not just the good news as it regards to my left eye issue, but also how well coordinated is your office staff from start to finish of my appointment. ALL was EXCELLENT and I appreciate very much your EXCELLENT CARE!!

I am very pleased with Dr. Lee and thankful that he chose to come to us here in Munster.

Friendly very helpful. I needed an emergency appointment and Illinois Retina Associates got me in the same day and did a a very thorough eye exam to allay my fears. Everything was explained to me so I understood what was happening to my eyes. I have a follow up appointment in one week to make sure things are getting better or not getting worse. I would recommend the entire practice for their professionalism.

The staff – Lucy, Jessica and everyone – are very friendly and helpful. Dr. MacCumber is terrific – he listens and cares. This is a wonderful practice.

I am over the moon with my amazing experience at Illinois Retina in the Loop with the beyond wonderful Dr. Chaturvedi. Struggled with 2! appointments at Northwestern with their horrible team of doctors–trying to repair a retina hole/tear. Dr. Chaturvedi took care of it with so much less drama and trouble. I am one happy patient that will be singing their praises for a long long time

I am trying to give a 5-star review on aspect of my care but I do not have a computer and my message is not going through. The office has beautifully run and I am greeted at the sign-in window by name even before I have signed in. Dr. Hasan is a good listener and speaks to me in language a layperson would understand. Appointments are very timely with good conformation. Even though I have a serious eye condition I feel a sense of comfort in knowing that I have Dr. Hasan’s practice to rely on.

My experience was absolutely a very good experience. The staff was friendly and very professional. Dr. Sabherwal was very pleasant and informative. Easy to talk to I felt comfortable and at ease. Delightful visit.