Jack F.

Dr. Cohen, I wanted to let you know how absolutely thrilled I am that you are now my retina doctor.

While my journey since my cataract surgery has been arduous and stressful, and while my vision is impaired and the result from that surgery is far from what I fully anticipated, I have extreme confidence in the information you have shared with me and the procedures we have undertaken. While I continue to struggle with significant vision issues in my left eye and while I understand that the surgery you performed will most likely not ultimately be able to address all of my retina related vision issues and that my vision will never be the same as it was pre-cataract surgery, I certainly see in improvement in the vision post the pucker surgery, although slowly. But I am very excited and pleased for the progress I am making as a way to regain some semblance of normal vision in my left eye.

I look forward to my follow up visit later this month and discussing my current status with you at that time. Thank you again for your professionalism and courtesy.