Mubarak P.

One of the best doctors I have ever seen for Eye Retina problem is Dr. Mathew MacCumber, M.D.PhD., today (05/18/2023) and my many thanks to him and his Assistant colleague Dr. Shepherd who did hard work for my eye fluid problem in right eye. I have got Eye Retina problem since 2010. I am in good hands after I missed my other retina specialist who saved my eye sight by repairing various Retinal Tears (photocoagulation) in both eyes and doing Retina Detachment Surgery (Scleral buckle) in left eye. I am very thankful to those doctors who helped me with my eye vision through last many years from 2010.Today, I got confidence in safe hands of Dr. Mathew MacCumber and Dr. Shepherd. I am very thankful to all working in the clinic and office who are all nice, professional and very helpful. GOD BLESS THEM all for their great human service.