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Branch Retinal Vein Occlusion – November 2020

History A 62-year-old female with hypertension and diabetes presented to clinic referred by an optometric colleague for evaluation of decreased vision and a hemorrhages of the left retina. She notes that with the left eye things seem blurry centrally and it doesn’t improve with blinking nor with artificial tears. She denies any flashes or floaters,… Read More »

Serpiginous Choroiditis – September 2020

History A 30-year-old South Asian male presented to clinic referred by an outside provider for evaluation of subretinal fluid and possible central serous chorioretinopathy of the left eye. Two months ago the patient had mild “pink eye” OS, no pain/photophobia, which resolved after two days. He recalls one prior episode as a child. He also… Read More »

Toxoplasmosis Chorioretinitis – August, 2020

History A 31-year-old Caucasian female presented to clinic with intermittent floaters and blurry vision in the right eye for six years. The eye sometimes hurts as well. She had never had any trauma nor eye surgery to this eye. Her medical history was significant only for kidney stones. She did have a family history of glaucoma.… Read More »

Retinal Cavernous Hemangioma – July 2020

History A 10-year-old Caucasian female presented to clinic with referral for abnormal exam findings after she was struck in the face with a tennis ball three weeks prior. She denied any visual complaints.  She had no eye pain, no redness, no floaters, no curtain, no veil, and no recent trauma.  Her medical history was unremarkable… Read More »

Suprachoroidal Hemorrhage – June, 2020

History A 52 year old male presents one day after IOL refixation and Ahmed tube placement with extreme pain. He states the pain started 2 hours post-op, and is not relieved by over the counter pain medication. He reports a sharp pain that radiates across the whole left side of his head. He has a… Read More »

Pigmented Paravenous Retinochoroidal Atrophy – May 2020

History A 48-year-old Caucasian female presented to clinic with referral for abnormal exam findings. She denied any visual complaints other than an occasional feeling she had some trouble adjusting to a dark room when coming from outside.  She had no eye pain, no redness, no floaters, no curtain, no veil, and no recent trauma.  Her… Read More »

Neurosyphilis – April, 2020

History A 43 year old male with a history of HIV presented to the Emergency Department with complaints of headaches, blurred vision and ringing in his ears. An ophthalmology consult was placed and the patient was seen in the emergency room. He reports seeing a blind spot in the temporal portion of his vision in… Read More »

Proliferative Diabetic Retinopathy – March 2020

History A 44-year-old African-American male (who had not seen an eye provider in years) presented to Illinois Retina for a diabetic evaluation.  He complained of blurry vision for many years, but denied floaters, eye pain, redness, or any acute visual changes.  His medical history was significant for type 1 diabetes mellitus, hypercholesterolemia, and hypertension.  Review… Read More »

High Altitude Retinopathy – February 2020

History A 32 year old female presents with sudden vision loss in the left eye. She notes it as a grey thumb print in her left eye and noticed it while she was washing dishes. She denies any physical exertion surrounding the vision loss, but she notes that the day before she was skiing difficult… Read More »