Posts From October, 2019

Dr. Chaturvedi On Ingalls Development Foundation Board

Dr. Chaturvedi has been on the Ingalls Development Foundation for several years.  Thank you for your service!  The Foundation is dedicated to the healthcare of the residents in South Suburban Chicago.  Illinois Retina is proud to have him represent us.  Read more about The Foundation here:

Dr. Merrill and WOW at AAO

These are a few Women Ophthalmologists of the Windy City (WOW), enjoying the Orbital Gala which raises funds for the Academy Foundation:  Dr. Merrill, Mildred Olivier, Tamara Fountain (AAO President-elect), Marilyn Miller (2019 AAO Laureate), Kathy Colby (Chair at U of C), Ruth Williams (editor of Eyenet).

Choroidal Melanoma – October 2019

History A 64 year old woman presents to clinic with a 2 month history of shadow in her vision. She states that over the last 6 months, she has noticed her vision worsening.  However two months ago she noticed a shadow in her vision and found that her central vision was diminished. She also reports… Read More »

Dr. Hasan receives Star Award at AAO

As President of the Illinois Society of Eye Physicians and Surgeons, Dr. Sohail Hasan accepted the American Academy of Ophthalmology’s prestigious Star Award for his work on The Safe Surgery Initiative for patients in Illinois.  He is pictured here with Dr. Chris Albanis and Mr. Richard Paul.

Dr. Rezaei invited speaker at AAO

Dr. Rezaei was an invited speaker at the 2019 American Academy of Ophthalmology Retina Subspecialty Day annual meeting in San Francisco. Dr. Rezaei moderated a session in which leading retina surgeons from around the world discussed how to manage complex situations during retinal surgery.

Dr. Cohen chairman of the Skills Transfer Advisory Committee

Dr. Cohen is the chairman of the Skills Transfer Advisory Committee for the AAO and oversees the 60 skills courses that Ophthalmologists take to learn new skills. Being the chairman of this committee, Dr. Cohen is one of the four Associate Secretaries of the Annual Meeting. The committee meets in February to discuss the meeting.

Dr. Packo Guest of Honor at AAO

Dr. Packo was selected as one of this year’s Guests of Honor along with Mark S. Blumenkranz, MD who is the past chairman at Stanford, and a brilliant innovator, surgeon and inventor, and Michael T. Trese, MD, the leading pediatric retinal specialist in the world.  Great company to share the honor with. We are so… Read More »

Dr. Rezaei at Belo Horizonte Retina Summit

Dr. Rezaei was an invited guest speaker at the Belo Horizonte Retina Summit in Brazil. At this meeting, leading retina specialists from Brazil and South America discussed the recent developments in the field of vitroretinal surgery at a more advanced level. The Director of the Meeting welcomed Dr. Rezaei and introduced him as “one of… Read More »