Case of the Month

The Case of the Month shares a spectrum of challenging and unique retinal cases seen by physicians at Illinois Retina Associates. The cases range from diagnostic dilemmas to rare conditions to cases highlighting advances in retinal imaging. They provide a platform for education for retinal specialists and primary eye care providers alike. We welcome your feedback.

Stargardt Disease – May, 2022

History: A 32-year-old woman was referred by an optometrist for macular changes in both eyes. She noted intermittent mild blurriness she attributed to dryness but was otherwise asymptomatic. Her past medical history was significant for migraines. She denied any family history of any ocular diseases. Review of systems was non-contributory. Exam: Her visual acuity was ...Read more

Multifocal Choroiditis and Panuveitis (MFCPU) – April, 2022

History A 54-year-old woman presented to our clinic for evaluation of possible age-related macular degeneration (AMD) with choroidal neovascular membrane of the left eye. The referring physician recommended injecting the left eye with anti-VEGF injections to treat wet AMD. The patient had noted intermittent blurry vision of the left eye for a few months, with ...Read more

Pentosan Maculopathy – March, 2022

History A 75-year-old woman was referred by her ophthalmologist for age-related macular degeneration (AMD) with new subretinal fluid in the left eye. She noticed metamorphopsia starting 5 days prior. Her past medical history was significant for interstitial cystitis for which she took Pentosan polysulfate sodium (Elmiron). Review of systems was non-contributory. Exam Her visual acuity ...Read more

Chorioretinal Colobomas – February, 2022

History A 41 year-old female patient presented from optometry for a central visual field defect in the left eye. The patient described a slow, progressive loss of vision in the left eye over many years. She had a retinal detachment of the right eye that was repaired many years ago with vitrectomy and scleral buckling. ...Read more

Posterior Scleritis – January, 2022

History A 21-year-old woman presented to the emergency department with right eye pain, right temporal visual field “haziness” and headaches. She felt a pulling sensation on her eye with extraocular movements. She was otherwise healthy. On review of systems, she noted a single episode of hematuria.  Around the same time, she developed a facial rash ...Read more

Vogt-Koyanagi-Harada Disease (VKH) – December, 2021

History A 33-year-old Hispanic male presented to our retina and uveitis specialist after self-referring due to blurry vision that was not improving despite antibiotic therapy initiated by an outside doctor. The patient had symptoms of blurry vision in the left eye followed by the right eye starting 5 weeks prior. He was started on topical ...Read more

White Without Pressure – November, 2021

History A 24-year-old pregnant woman with type 2 diabetes presented upon referral from a primary care physician for diabetic eye exam. The patient had occasional fluctuation of her vision and rare floaters. Her past medical history was significant for insulin dependent type 2 diabetes mellitus. Her review of systems was otherwise unremarkable. Exam Her visual ...Read more

Usher Syndrome – October, 2021

History A 14-year-old boy presented to clinic after referral from his optometrist for peripheral retinal pigmentary changes in both eyes. He also had vague complaints of worsening vision at both distance and near in both eyes. He had no eye pain, redness, trauma, flashes, floaters, or field loss. Review of systems was negative aside from ...Read more

Toxoplasmosis Chorioretinitis – September, 2021

History A 58 year-old woman presented upon referral from a retina specialist for evaluation of posterior uveitis in the left eye. The patient had developed new floaters and blurry vision in the left eye a few months prior. She was treated by the referring doctor with prednisolone and Combigan eye drops as her intraocular pressure ...Read more

Proliferative Diabetic Retinopathy – August, 2021

History A 36-year-old male presented upon referral from an optometrist for evaluation of 5-year vision loss in the right eye. The patient had only recently established insurance and developed better control of his Type 1 Diabetes. The patient also had floaters of the left eye and some decrease in vision in the left eye. Other ...Read more